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Our Team.


Laura Smith Monti, Ph.D., is a  Research Associate at the University of Arizona College of Public Health and a Senior Fellow at Borderlands Restoration Network in community health and cultural ecology, working with  Indigenous communities on both sides of the border.


Her teaching and leadership in health and biocultural diversity has helped shape students, practitioners, researchers, initiatives, and organizations in the Southwest US and Northern Mexico for over twenty-five years. Her current practice as a nurse in community health includes the development of integrative healthcare with traditional healers and village health promoters and nurses, addressing Covid-19 recovery, diabetes management, food and water, and energy security. 


Her work in cultural ecology supports young indigenous leaders’ initiatives to restore and protect coastal ecosystems and species, including mangroves, seagrasses, sea turtles, and medicinal plants. With a fellowship awarded by the Firebird Foundation, Laura is facilitating youth and elders to preserve and revitalize their ancient songs and stories that are infused with wisdom to guide their future.


Dr. Monti’s holds academic degrees from the University of Arizona (Ph.D. Arid Lands Resources Sciences, Medical Anthropology; St. Louis University N.P. Pediatrics; M.S. Community Health Nursing; Maryville College (B.S.,R.N.) 

Laurie Monti Photo

Dr. Laura Monti RN, NP, MPH

Program Director

Dr. Gary Nabhan.jpg

Dr. Gary Nabhan, Biocultural Restoration Scientist

Program Advisor

Dr. Gary Nabhan is an agroecologist and biocultural restoration expert with 40 years of research, conservation and community development work in the Sonoran Desert and Sea of Cortes. He is a pioneer in community-based collaborative conservation and in reviving forgotten foods for local livelihoods. Nabhan retired from the University of ArizonA W.K. Kellogg Chair in February 2023 and is focused on garden design and creative natural history writing.  

Carmen Gabriela Suarez Gracida_b.jpg

Dra. Carmen Gabriela Suárez Gracida

Program Associate

Gabriella graduated from the Center for Higher Studies of the State of Sonora (CESUES) with a degree of Engineer in Ecology. She has a Master's in Science Management, Use, and Preservation of Natural Resources. Her studies and professional work have been in the regions of the Baja California and Sonora Deserts and the Gulf of California in Northwestern México. Gabriela joined Salud Comcaac Program Team in 2021.

Community Health Team
Community Health Team
Dr. Diego Franco PHOTO-2022-08-01-19-23-19.jpg

Dr. Diego Franco

Medical Director Desemboque 

Vilma Morales Astorga-1.jpg

Vilma Morales Astorga

Herbalist & Teacher

Luisa Guadalupe Romero Morales.jpg

Luisa Guadalupe Romero Morales


Nutrition Teacher

Cristina Molina Marinez 2.jpg

Mariana Cristina Molina Martínez



Belinda Flores(2).JPG

Belinda Flores Montano

Community Gardens &  Program Leader

Dr. Francisca Valenzuela Zuniga.jpeg

Dr. Omar Presiado

Medical Director

Punta Chueca

Francely Isabel Garcia Morales.jpg

Francely Isabel García Morales

Health Promoter

Women’s Health, Community Health Program Coordinator

Betina Romero Morales.jpg

Betina Romero Morales


Nutrition Teacher

Romelia Barnett Diaz  Coordinator Punta Chueca.jpeg

Romelia Barnett Díaz 

Program Leader

Nutrition & Community Gardens Herbalist

Omar Herrera Casanova  Health Promoter Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 11.52.06 AM.png

Omar Herrera Casanova

Health Promoter, Youth Health

Gemma Odette Torres Monroy.jpg

Gemma Odette Torres Monroy

Health Promoter,

 Community Health Advocate

Filomena Barnett.jpg

Filomena Barnett Burgos



Community Health & Diabetes Program Coordinator

Ismael Blanco Montaño.jpg

Ismael Blanco Montaño

Program Assistant

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Coastal Ecosystems Team
Dra. Zulia Mayari Sánchez Mejia.tif

Dra. Zulia Mayari Sánchez Mejia

Coastal Ecosystems Program Advisor, Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora-Obregón

Christian Anibal Silva Ontiveros.jpg

Christian Anibal Silva Ontiveros

Field Research Assistant, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR)

Alberto Mellado Moreno_Comcaac project leader.jpg

Alberto Mellado Moreno

Community Relations & Program Leader

Erika Barnett_mangroove pods_Taken By Carmen Gabriela Suarez Gracida.jpg


Erika Barnett Díaz

Project Coordinator, 

Mangrove Nursery Manager

Ivan Eliseo Barnett Romero_Comcaac project leader.jpg

Ivan Eliseo Barnett Romero

Coastal Ecosystems Program Assistant & Technician

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